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JRS UK & Asylum Welcome talk about the impacts of immigration detention at the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy

13 February 2023

Detention is not the answer: JRS UK have signed the campaign to Keep Campsfield Closed.


Lord, were you there when I became a trafficked victim?

03 February 2023

Sr Vui reflects on her ministry supporting Vietnamese men who find themselves detained


In the face of growing hostility and adversity, where do we find our hope of the New Year? We find it in solidarity.

12 January 2023

William, reflects on the challenges to come and what gives him hope in January's PwD.


The human impact of banishing refugees to Rwanda: Daryan’s experience

22 November 2022

Hoping to find safety, Daryan found himself at the centre of a game of political rhetoric.


No two days are the same

19 October 2022

Jasmine and Stephen, share some of the cases they work with to support refugee friends.


Feeling alive but dead inside

22 September 2022

This blog post is written by a member of Refugees Call for Change.


Walking the Camino de Santiago for refugees

21 September 2022

Raga, JRS Outreach Detention Officer, shares with us her aspirations of walking the Camino.


Making our voices heard against the hostile environment

06 September 2022

This blog post is written by a member of Refugees Call for Change.


Enforcement, resistance and knowing your rights

11 August 2022

Sharing experiences and knowledge builds resistance.


‘Podemos Ayudar’

11 August 2022

Benjamin Cornwell, JRS UK Grants Officer, shares with us his reflections on visiting Napier.


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