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The Destitution of Newly Recognised Refugees

11 December 2018

Sophie explains the need for change as recognised refugees continue to face destitution


“Is everything ok? Can I help?”

09 August 2018

In light of recent events in Glasgow, William Neal reflects on what compassion means to JRS


Stories of a Resilient Hope

18 July 2018

After seeing 'The Jungle', William Neal reflects on the power of sharing stories


Amber Rudd’s letter reveals a systemic pursuit of removal at all costs

01 May 2018

Sophie Cartwright shares how Amber Rudd's letter shows an urgent need for policy change


Apology to Windrush citizens offers opportunity to overturn cruel hostile environment agenda

19 April 2018

Sophie Cartwright tells of how Windrush brought us face to face with the hostile environment


Lives, not numbers

09 October 2015

How do we respond in faith to media portrayals of refugees?


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