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Justice and the need for access to quality legal advice

20 February 2024

Jessica, Senior Legal Caseworker, reflects on social justice and the JRS UK Legal Project.


The availability of competent legal advice and representation for refugee friends is fast diminishing

27 June 2023

Michael explains the need for increased legal support and why legal aid is essential


How JRS’s Legal Project changed my life

22 June 2023

B lived in fear and confusion – until he met Michael and the JRS Legal Project


Why do politicians keep suggesting it’s illegal to claim asylum in the UK?

25 November 2022

William Neal highlights the Home Office Select Committee’s questioning of Suella Braverman.


Enforcement, resistance and knowing your rights

11 August 2022

Sharing experiences and knowledge builds resistance.


Legal Blog: Asylum Appeals

14 July 2022

The legal team takes us on a quick scope about Asylum appeals.


Walking for justice

01 July 2022

Joining the London Legal Walk for the first time


Legal blog: What to do if a case is refused?

26 May 2022

Michael, JRS Legal Officer, reflects on getting an asylum claim refusal from the Home Office.


Legal Blog: Why COVID-19 is a threat to UK asylum seekers

16 April 2020

In a guest blog, Cameron outlines the risks faced by asylum seekers during the pandemic


Legal Blog: What happens when you claim asylum?

13 February 2020

Michael looks at the steps those seeking asylum in the UK must follow & the barriers they face.


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