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In welcoming the stranger we encounter angels

10 June 2018

In the lead up to Refugee Week, Fr. Mike Smith SJ reflects on 20 words of Scripture


Amber Rudd’s letter reveals a systemic pursuit of removal at all costs

01 May 2018

Sophie Cartwright shares how Amber Rudd's letter shows an urgent need for policy change


Apology to Windrush citizens offers opportunity to overturn cruel hostile environment agenda

19 April 2018

Sophie Cartwright tells of how Windrush brought us face to face with the hostile environment


‘At Home’- why there is such a need for hosting

28 March 2018

Naomi, our Communities of Hospitality Co-ordinator, reflects on her first weeks in the role


Disturbing new legislation traps migrants between detention and destitution

01 March 2018

Sophie Cartwright explains the impact of new government legislation around immigration bail


Painful reality of the hostile environment

16 February 2018

Sophie Cartwright writes on the realities and impact of the hostile environment agenda.


Resilience and community in the face of hostility

14 February 2018

Megan Knowles explains why there is a need for the JRS UK Day Centre in Greater London.


A Deep Hospitality with Migrants and Refugees

12 January 2018

The Provincial of the Jesuits shares his reflections for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees


A Special Christmas gift

21 December 2017

Megan Knowles shares what's coming up for the final Day Centre of the year...


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