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Lord, were you there when I became a trafficked victim?

03 February 2023

Sr Vui reflects on her ministry supporting Vietnamese men who find themselves detained


A catchup with the JRS UK Community Kitchen

30 January 2023

Victoria and Mark sit down to discuss the first two weeks of JRS UK's new Community Kitchen


It’s been a joy to wake up knowing: I’m going to JRS today!

26 January 2023

Ashley is a seminarian who just completed a three-week placement at JRS.


In the face of growing hostility and adversity, where do we find our hope of the New Year? We find it in solidarity.

12 January 2023

William, reflects on the challenges to come and what gives him hope in January's PwD.


Irrespective of the High Court Judgment, sending asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing is deeply immoral

19 December 2022

It may be "legally" possible to send refugees to Rwanda, but that doesn't make it morally right


JRS Writing and Drama Group prepares for Advent Service performance

13 December 2022

JRS activity coordinators share the community group's work in developing creative performance


A Christmas Card can say so much when you’re in Detention

12 December 2022

St Ignatius College in Enfield, supporting Refugees in Detention


Keeping people warm, fed, and in-touch over Christmas

06 December 2022

Sara Adan explains the ongoing provision which is so needed during Winter


Developing skills at Emilie House – the joys of knitting!

05 December 2022

Destitution, homelessness and the ban on working quickly erodes skills and confidence


Why do politicians keep suggesting it’s illegal to claim asylum in the UK?

25 November 2022

William Neal highlights the Home Office Select Committee’s questioning of Suella Braverman.


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