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“Don’t forget to pray for me”

01 October 2019

Detention Volunteer Anita reflects on the importance of prayer whilst visiting detainees


“Expand your knowledge and learn about other people’s worlds, beliefs, practices”

24 September 2019

Ahmed shares his joys on taking on varied volunteering roles at JRS UK


Parish Packs are on their way

17 September 2019

Nick expresses his hopes for JRS new Parish Packs to energise parishes to put faith into action


“A perfect way of discovering the causes that you are truly passionate about”

17 September 2019

Our Centre Administrator, Sara, speaks on how volunteering has shaped her outlook


Shrinking the Distance

10 September 2019

Mike reflects on the importance of volunteering at the Day Centre


Sharing the joy of putting our faith into action

03 September 2019

Nick shares his reflections of supporting others to put their faith into action


“When you are not allowed to behave like human beings you stop seeing yourself as human.”

27 August 2019

Our Detention Outreach Officer, Will, discusses the harrowing effects of Indefinite Detention


Joy and excitement at London Zoo

21 August 2019

Matilda and Ahmed share the joys of a somewhat damp family trip to London Zoo!


The Feast of St Alberto Hurtado SJ

13 August 2019

Fr Michael Smith SJ reflects on this painting of Alberto Hurtado that hangs in JRS UK's centre


Sizzlin’ Summer Party

07 August 2019

Jasmine, our Arrupe Intern, expresses her excitement for JRS UK’s Summer Party this Saturday


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