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£10 to stay connected

28 September 2023

Phone credit helps refugee friends to stay connected


Why it’s important to observe World Day of Migrants and Refugees

19 September 2023

How are you celebrating World Day of Migrants and Refugees?


Two months and already feeling At Home…

18 September 2023

Laurence joined JRS in July as our new Accommodation Officer. Here, she shares some reflections


“To escape from our tumultuous lives and spend some time with Mother Nature”

05 September 2023

Some reflections and photos from refugee friends on our trip to Kew Gardens


Countering the hostile environment through hospitality

05 September 2023

Amy-Leigh gives her take on the government's accommodation policy and the importance of hosting


“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

22 August 2023

Finding himself held in a camp in Wales, our refugee friend knew he had to improve life there


My experience at JRS was nothing short of amazing, invaluable, and extremely eye opening.

22 August 2023

Law student Valeria tells of what she learnt during her 2 months interning at JRS


From the Himalayas to Wapping with love

14 August 2023

Over the weekend, Abdul joined WaSh Wombles, a community litter picking group in Wapping.


Creating community with the help of volunteers

08 August 2023

Sarah responded to a social media request and created a popular new activity for refugee women


“A day like that makes us think of something else”

07 August 2023

Laurence, Accommodation Officer, shares some highlights from the Emilie House Garden Party


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