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The Dignity of Work

07 November 2018

This Living Wage Week, Aidan reflects on the relationship between dignity and the right to work


The Language of Welcome

30 October 2018

Cristina, the new Destitution Services Manager, looks back at her first month at JRS UK


‘The voice of those who have no voice’

23 October 2018

Nicholas shares how St Oscar Romero inspires us as we share the stories of those we accompany


“Be grateful in all circumstances”

18 October 2018

Sr. Linda reflects on Prisons Week and her experience of visiting those in detention


Let’s Lift the Ban

16 October 2018

Sophie explains why JRS UK is calling on the government to allow those seeking asylum to work


Boldly Go – Prisons Week 2018

11 October 2018

Beatrice explains why Prisons Week offers the chance to stand with those indefinitely detained


What can I do this Homeless Sunday?

09 October 2018

Following Homeless Sunday, Naomi shares how hosting is one way to help those without a home


I am loved and called by God

03 October 2018

Nick reflects on his vocational journey with JRS, and his hopes for the synod on young people.


Homelessness created by Destitution

03 October 2018

Ahead of Homeless Sunday, Sophie talks of the need to come together to end forced destitution


‘The opportunity to open our hearts and our homes’

26 September 2018

One of our hosts reflects on welcoming destitute refugees into their community through At Home


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