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Learning that joy is possible even in the context of adversity

01 August 2019

Ayanna Scott, our current intern, reflects on her time spent at JRS UK and the gift of joy


Our political culture wakes up to the horrors of modern slavery

24 July 2019

Sophie Cartwright, our Policy Officer, discusses mounting political momentum around detention


“Yes, I know what plans I have in mind for you.”

17 July 2019

William Neal, our Detention Outreach Officer, reflects on his journey at JRS and in Detention


The darker corners of Home Office guidance

11 July 2019

Our legal Officer, Michael Tarnoky, comments on Home Office guidance mentioned at HASC inquiry.


There is a longing for a system that is for welfare, not for harm

11 July 2019

Sophie, JRS UK's Policy Officer, reflects on our latest report and the context of love at JRS.


Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate

04 July 2019

Rhiannon reflects on our Special Meal and the reciprocal nature of accompaniment.


Arrupe Internship

19 June 2019

JRS UK's Arrupe Intern, Jasmine Husseini, speaks about her experience working with JRS.


New Legal Advice Project: An Interview

29 May 2019

We chat to the Legal Advice Project team about setting up a legal advice service from scratch.


Exploring the world through a pinhole

21 May 2019

Matilda shares her joys from a recent pinhole photography workshop for our refugee friends.


Exploring Accompaniment

14 May 2019

Sophie shares her reflections on our ongoing project to explore our mission of accompaniment


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