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‘They could never have expected their lives to end up like this’

30 July 2018

Sr. Vui reflects on accompanying the victims of human trafficking she has met in detention


Stories of a Resilient Hope

18 July 2018

After seeing 'The Jungle', William Neal reflects on the power of sharing stories


Home Office’s response to Windrush scandal ignores the fundamental moral issue

13 July 2018

Sophie Cartwright shares how adapting the hostile environment still ignores the bigger issue


‘What we can offer is respect’ – a time of reflection and sharing

26 June 2018

Naomi, our At Home project coordinator, shares reflections from our hosting communities


Hopes for the future

24 June 2018

Nick Hanrahan reflects on the last Simple Act of Refugee Week


Creating the Opportunity for Encounter and Interaction

22 June 2018

On the anniversary of St.Alban, patron saint of refugees, we reflect on his example of openness


Theology Together: Refugees and Academics

19 June 2018

Sophie Cartwright reflects on the process that informed Refugee Stories: Changing the Narrative


Pedal Power at JRS UK

12 June 2018

We catch up with The Bike Project, which helps build confidence and independence


In welcoming the stranger we encounter angels

10 June 2018

In the lead up to Refugee Week, Fr. Mike Smith SJ reflects on 20 words of Scripture


Amber Rudd’s letter reveals a systemic pursuit of removal at all costs

01 May 2018

Sophie Cartwright shares how Amber Rudd's letter shows an urgent need for policy change


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